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We are |be a part|

Your specialist in the area of marketing & sales.

The team at |be a part| implements projects with you that leave valuable marks in the brand landscape.

Let’s talk about us together …

Whether at the point of sale, event, or online. Increase your reach and hire our team.

We design with you your own personal marketing programme, contact us.

|be a part| agency for relationship marketing

Take a journey together with us and your customers. Your customers want to be part of your success story!

Success & joy will always accompany us. Be persuaded by our services at previous stations.

And if we turn out not to be the right partner, you’ll still benefit from our network. Requests are definitely always worth it …

POS marketing

We develop various project results from your story in order to make (end) customers want your products. We strengthen manufacturers and retailers (brick-and-mortar and online) with our large community of flying consultants in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Hire product experts who give your customers the experience of the product or service. We can employ two strategies for the POS, depending on your objective: point of sale or point of soul.

Event marketing

Whether B2C or B2B – take your customers on an adventure, because that’s how we create moments that make really good business friends out of remote contacts. The view of neuroscientists supports this: People need people. The virtual world helps us to do this, but the moment of joy is sustainably fixed through personal exchange.
Give people joy and the result is happy customers buy more. A win-win strategy!

Brand marketing

Tell your stories through images and videos. Nobody wants to read a long text. It is therefore the link of every relationship, because it tells the story for us if we’re not personally available. Available 24/7, because in the digital age it can be put anywhere. It is also available as a printed copy to help with quiet moments of research. You know for sure: your customers need full transparency to gain confidence in you. We help you make them feel good.

Space for projects

But what exactly does „space for projects“ mean for you and for us?

We have been working on finding the best solutions for our customers‘ needs and the market in a transformational way since 2008.
With each of our contact points, our experience and your reach increase. This is your advantage, because we have tried out many things and know what doesn’t work. We do not shy away from risk, but we don’t waste time.

You decide which KPIs are the important ones. Let’s think about cooperation together.

„A good customer knows all your stories. Loyal customers help you to write them.“


We love facts – see our statistic 🙂

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