A hooray for the combination of the classic POS and online shop!

With the foundation of |bap| 10 years ago, we were firmly in the hands of the classic specialist consultancy at the POS. But even then, we were fans of digitalization, without losing sight of people’s point of view and thus their emotional ties. You can’t just convert analogous into digital processes without having reflected beforehand. Therefore, we optimized our processes and then simplified and automated a lot with our tool „bapcom24“. Since 2014, we are proud to work as a paperless office and are delighted about this contribution to the environment, as we are firmly convinced that every company must live up to its responsibility.

Digitalisation has also led to changes in the behaviour of our trading partners. Today’s consumers travel everywhere without physical borders or barriers and are looking for a retailer to open their wallet to. The increasing presence of online shops or platforms such as Amazon and eBay had a decisive and lasting influence on the stationary trade which certainly has been made uncertain by this

development. This has resulted in two concrete poles of thought: dogmatically beating hands over one’s head and letting the „good old days“ live up to us and pondering on them or seeing this irreversible development as an opportunity. We have committed ourselves to the last – and many examples show how well online and offline worlds can be productively linked.

We are not talking about the typical way, i.e. that the stationary retailer or manufacturer itself offers its own shop, but vice versa: the online shop hires consultants nationwide who come into personal contact with the consumer. Some retailers open their own physical shops where consumers can go to see and test products on the spot. But we don’t want to talk about this here, because we’re taking another decisive step forward. We would like to report on the „Flying System“, with which resources such as storage space, exhibition space and staff can be dispensed with. Our idea of the „Private Shopping Guide“ provides ingenious flexibility and adapts completely to the buyer’s behaviour. On the one hand, we see that customers are becoming increasingly digital and also want to shop online, but on the other hand there is also growth back to POS experience – and that the more price-intensive a product is.

10 years of experience with this specific concept give us the necessary expertise and the belief in the future that every retailer (whether online or offline) can make use of this concept and thus establish a sustainable customer relationship. The product expert in the four walls of the consumer is a tool that provides security and trust to the product and the brand. Trust is the value that is slowest in growth, but can be destroyed in seconds. Let’s start the „Customer Journey“ directly at the consumer’s home. At the beginning this project requires a lot of attention in process mapping, data management and competence of the consultants. But after just a few orders, it becomes apparent that the consumer hotline rings less often, the complaint rate drops, product safety increases and consumer confidence is increased.

The smile, that consumers and consultants exchange, increases directly the word of mouth and we all know that this is real gold and puts every TV campaign and flyer into the shade. These events require shopper parties so that family and friends can also enjoy them. Here is endless potential to take the consumer in your arms.

Have you become curious? You can request our examples directly from the boss at: ng@bap-marketing.com

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