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„It must come from the heart to have an effect on the heart.“
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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“Basically, it’s the connection with people that give life its value.“
Wilhelm Humboldt

„Because people matter“ is our motivation for our daily work. And we take this statement quite literally and involve all stakeholders. In the field of POS marketing, we not only stay engaged with people involved in the project, but also work as a team in close and personal cooperation with our customers. Currently, the focus is no longer on finding the answer to the question: „Who is our customer?“, in fact the supplementary question „Where is our customer?“ becomes increasingly important. The retail landscape is fragmented, the shopping possibilities are almost limitless and with just a few clicks, the door to a gigantic global shopping centre is open to everyone – 24/7, 365 days a year.

„In reality, we know nothing; for the truth lies in the depths.“

Many teams try to gain insights from their data, but sometimes this attempt has rather powerless traits, which resembles the desperate search for orientation caused by complexity. According to the motto: „We use the statistics like a drunk uses a lamppost above all as a support“, the simple search for a foothold in the unmanageable data jungle often seems to outweigh the illumination of the facts and their deep understanding. However, the context always needs to be integrated into the evaluation, otherwise your argument sometimes fades quickly when a discussion arises. Basically, we all have to learn to deal with all the data and information and say goodbye to the current state of „over-newsed, but not informed“ in order to generate sensible conclusions. What use is the sheer existence of „information“ without the resulting gain in knowledge? In other words, the most beautiful sports car in the garage is useless if you don’t know how to drive it.

Back to the |bap|. One of the things we committed ourselves, as a result of this situation, to put people in the spotlight instead of only focussing on data as the non-plus ultra for strategy or decision making. Our passion is called relationship marketing and will remain as the maxim of our future activities, whether at the POS or at events and trade fairs.

„You can’t think when you’re in a hurry“

Sounds trivial? To quote the legendary hit of the German rap group „Fettes Brot“ from the nineties: “Jein”. Time is what we need to think well. It’s not just about doing things right, it’s about doing the right things and optimally doing these right things well.

In order to guarantee this for the |bap| team as well, we spent a few days in Dalmatia back in April, exchanging ideas intensively and initiating projects that require more attention but bring us forward in the long term. Here you can find some pictures.

How do you manage to deal with topics in everyday life? Tell us your secret recipes and send them to

Always remember: It comes differently when you think!

Your Nancy Graf

Freelancer – the job of the future?

Already with the foundation of |bap| we had a lot of followers as well as supporters who accompanied us on the stony path at the beginning. A huge thank you for that! To date, our network includes over 400 freelancers who bring with them diverse talents and experience. As we call ourselves a breathing company and draw resources together for specific projects, we can’t deny that we enjoy working with freelancers on projects. This provides the projects and our clients with a pleasant flexibility and appropriate success control.

Being a freelancer is currently a strong trend when it comes to self-determination at work. „Working time is lifetime“ is a good attitude to get satisfied through the 80,000 hours (extrapolation of working time to a lifetime) and not just to flee from weekend to weekend or rather holiday to holiday. Freelancing corresponds to today’s values of how the young generation wants to work. One imagines attributes like „working when I want to and for whom I want“. Of course, everyone is aware that this does not always correspond to reality, because – despite the theoretically free, self-determined choice of which projects to take on – we know that there are jobs and activities that generate less of a flow state and are honestly accepted more because of the sheer financial necessity.

The projects consist of a number of elements and everyone has to make his/her contribution when needed in order to mesh perfectly. We often work under time pressure and the cycles of work are different from those of a traditional permanent employment. This tension must be considered and bearable as well as the uncertainty often inherent in this type of employment, due to the personal responsibility in carrying out the activities. On the other hand, the freelancer is remunerated in the form of a higher salary, greater freedom and a more comprehensive network.

We would like to encourage all employees who are dissatisfied or lack the sense in their work to think very carefully about the topic „Freelancer“, to research and to exchange themselves gladly with us. If you have been rather sceptical about being a freelancer so far, simply try to shed light on the positive and the negative aspects and weigh them up against each other and not to judge in a sweeping and abstract way, but considering a concrete freelancer position with a clear job profile. It’s not easy and certainly not the right job for everyone, but it’s almost always self-determined, which definitely increases your level of happiness.

In any case, we will continue to take off, expand our platform and make it attractive through interesting projects. Feel invited: you mothers, fathers, (early) pensioners, students and everyone who feels addressed. If you are interested in a job in which you determine the time and also the number, how much you can or want to work, please contact us. Or are you a freelancer and can’t manage the project on your own? Then join us and let’s start it together. You can reach us for this topic at

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A hooray for the combination of the classic POS and online shop!

With the foundation of |bap| 10 years ago, we were firmly in the hands of the classic specialist consultancy at the POS. But even then, we were fans of digitalization, without losing sight of people’s point of view and thus their emotional ties. You can’t just convert analogous into digital processes without having reflected beforehand. Therefore, we optimized our processes and then simplified and automated a lot with our tool „bapcom24“. Since 2014, we are proud to work as a paperless office and are delighted about this contribution to the environment, as we are firmly convinced that every company must live up to its responsibility.

Digitalisation has also led to changes in the behaviour of our trading partners. Today’s consumers travel everywhere without physical borders or barriers and are looking for a retailer to open their wallet to. The increasing presence of online shops or platforms such as Amazon and eBay had a decisive and lasting influence on the stationary trade which certainly has been made uncertain by this

development. This has resulted in two concrete poles of thought: dogmatically beating hands over one’s head and letting the „good old days“ live up to us and pondering on them or seeing this irreversible development as an opportunity. We have committed ourselves to the last – and many examples show how well online and offline worlds can be productively linked.

We are not talking about the typical way, i.e. that the stationary retailer or manufacturer itself offers its own shop, but vice versa: the online shop hires consultants nationwide who come into personal contact with the consumer. Some retailers open their own physical shops where consumers can go to see and test products on the spot. But we don’t want to talk about this here, because we’re taking another decisive step forward. We would like to report on the „Flying System“, with which resources such as storage space, exhibition space and staff can be dispensed with. Our idea of the „Private Shopping Guide“ provides ingenious flexibility and adapts completely to the buyer’s behaviour. On the one hand, we see that customers are becoming increasingly digital and also want to shop online, but on the other hand there is also growth back to POS experience – and that the more price-intensive a product is.

10 years of experience with this specific concept give us the necessary expertise and the belief in the future that every retailer (whether online or offline) can make use of this concept and thus establish a sustainable customer relationship. The product expert in the four walls of the consumer is a tool that provides security and trust to the product and the brand. Trust is the value that is slowest in growth, but can be destroyed in seconds. Let’s start the „Customer Journey“ directly at the consumer’s home. At the beginning this project requires a lot of attention in process mapping, data management and competence of the consultants. But after just a few orders, it becomes apparent that the consumer hotline rings less often, the complaint rate drops, product safety increases and consumer confidence is increased.

The smile, that consumers and consultants exchange, increases directly the word of mouth and we all know that this is real gold and puts every TV campaign and flyer into the shade. These events require shopper parties so that family and friends can also enjoy them. Here is endless potential to take the consumer in your arms.

Have you become curious? You can request our examples directly from the boss at:

Data management with heart and mind

Data is the new gold. It gives us transparency and security. They give us transparency and security. They bring all the Information to the point in the form of facts and help with the next step. But dear data friends, please be careful and do not fall into the tunnel view of the customer journey and simply run off with the first statistics. The context that produced the data is important, and people are demonstrably strong and can be influenced quickly. If you ask the question about the importance of a security lock at a police convention, you probably get 90% of the answer „indispensable“. If you ask this question on a pedagogue’s day, the number of advocates will probably drop to below 50%. So always consider the context of each statistic. In other words, decontextualization is better left to journalists whose job it is to straighten out and rearrange reports so much that they can become a scandalous headline; in our job, contextualization and contextualization are half the battle.

Please do not misunderstand – we love data! In |bap| we have almost everything automated or digitized to create space for project management. With the data we can analyse the past in order to put the future into our hands. Our „bapcom24“ not only automates scheduling and administration, but also measures all sell-out sales and consumer feedback from freelancers. We do not miss an operation that we cannot measure with a result and draw our conclusions from it. In the field of POS marketing, data management is established and absolutely necessary in order to prepare budgets and plans. In the event sector (at least in our industry) it still seems to be somewhat fragmented as far as applications are concerned. Hardly any tool can map invitation management to lead management.

Surely it is also a reason, because the customers do not yet see a need for it or want to park a budget for it.

We work together with partners and use an application as the situation requires in order to have the right instrument. Depending on the customer’s wishes, this can include smaller measures or full data recording of all project steps and visitors.

We would like to integrate the topic of project controlling more firmly, especially in the area of trade fairs and events, in order to gain insights and efficiencies from this. Events must have their finger on the pulse of the time and above all be measurable, because this creates security in the use of budgets and the control of projects. So, dear event managers, document everything that happens on site and draw sensible conclusions from it. Every Euro invested in an event should make sense and you can proudly say „experience creates result“. You want to know what is possible? Then write an e-mail to

We would like to thank all of our readers for their attention and look forward to welcoe you to a new issue soon.

Your |bap|