Data management with heart and mind

Data is the new gold. It gives us transparency and security. They give us transparency and security. They bring all the Information to the point in the form of facts and help with the next step. But dear data friends, please be careful and do not fall into the tunnel view of the customer journey and simply run off with the first statistics. The context that produced the data is important, and people are demonstrably strong and can be influenced quickly. If you ask the question about the importance of a security lock at a police convention, you probably get 90% of the answer „indispensable“. If you ask this question on a pedagogue’s day, the number of advocates will probably drop to below 50%. So always consider the context of each statistic. In other words, decontextualization is better left to journalists whose job it is to straighten out and rearrange reports so much that they can become a scandalous headline; in our job, contextualization and contextualization are half the battle.

Please do not misunderstand – we love data! In |bap| we have almost everything automated or digitized to create space for project management. With the data we can analyse the past in order to put the future into our hands. Our „bapcom24“ not only automates scheduling and administration, but also measures all sell-out sales and consumer feedback from freelancers. We do not miss an operation that we cannot measure with a result and draw our conclusions from it. In the field of POS marketing, data management is established and absolutely necessary in order to prepare budgets and plans. In the event sector (at least in our industry) it still seems to be somewhat fragmented as far as applications are concerned. Hardly any tool can map invitation management to lead management.

Surely it is also a reason, because the customers do not yet see a need for it or want to park a budget for it.

We work together with partners and use an application as the situation requires in order to have the right instrument. Depending on the customer’s wishes, this can include smaller measures or full data recording of all project steps and visitors.

We would like to integrate the topic of project controlling more firmly, especially in the area of trade fairs and events, in order to gain insights and efficiencies from this. Events must have their finger on the pulse of the time and above all be measurable, because this creates security in the use of budgets and the control of projects. So, dear event managers, document everything that happens on site and draw sensible conclusions from it. Every Euro invested in an event should make sense and you can proudly say „experience creates result“. You want to know what is possible? Then write an e-mail to

We would like to thank all of our readers for their attention and look forward to welcoe you to a new issue soon.

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