Freelancer – the job of the future?

Already with the foundation of |bap| we had a lot of followers as well as supporters who accompanied us on the stony path at the beginning. A huge thank you for that! To date, our network includes over 400 freelancers who bring with them diverse talents and experience. As we call ourselves a breathing company and draw resources together for specific projects, we can’t deny that we enjoy working with freelancers on projects. This provides the projects and our clients with a pleasant flexibility and appropriate success control.

Being a freelancer is currently a strong trend when it comes to self-determination at work. „Working time is lifetime“ is a good attitude to get satisfied through the 80,000 hours (extrapolation of working time to a lifetime) and not just to flee from weekend to weekend or rather holiday to holiday. Freelancing corresponds to today’s values of how the young generation wants to work. One imagines attributes like „working when I want to and for whom I want“. Of course, everyone is aware that this does not always correspond to reality, because – despite the theoretically free, self-determined choice of which projects to take on – we know that there are jobs and activities that generate less of a flow state and are honestly accepted more because of the sheer financial necessity.

The projects consist of a number of elements and everyone has to make his/her contribution when needed in order to mesh perfectly. We often work under time pressure and the cycles of work are different from those of a traditional permanent employment. This tension must be considered and bearable as well as the uncertainty often inherent in this type of employment, due to the personal responsibility in carrying out the activities. On the other hand, the freelancer is remunerated in the form of a higher salary, greater freedom and a more comprehensive network.

We would like to encourage all employees who are dissatisfied or lack the sense in their work to think very carefully about the topic „Freelancer“, to research and to exchange themselves gladly with us. If you have been rather sceptical about being a freelancer so far, simply try to shed light on the positive and the negative aspects and weigh them up against each other and not to judge in a sweeping and abstract way, but considering a concrete freelancer position with a clear job profile. It’s not easy and certainly not the right job for everyone, but it’s almost always self-determined, which definitely increases your level of happiness.

In any case, we will continue to take off, expand our platform and make it attractive through interesting projects. Feel invited: you mothers, fathers, (early) pensioners, students and everyone who feels addressed. If you are interested in a job in which you determine the time and also the number, how much you can or want to work, please contact us. Or are you a freelancer and can’t manage the project on your own? Then join us and let’s start it together. You can reach us for this topic at

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