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„It must come from the heart to have an effect on the heart.“
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today I decided to send you an inspiration and hopefully, it will give you energy and good vibrations. In the future, we will appear four times a year on your screen to enrich your everyday life with lightness and inspiration, so you are able to say: „Cool, thank you for these lines“. If this may be not the case, you can unsubscribe at any time and, of course, re-register if you are missing our input – just as you like. Have fun with us.

“Basically, it’s the connection with people that give life its value.“
Wilhelm Humboldt

„Because people matter“ is our motivation for our daily work. And we take this statement quite literally and involve all stakeholders. In the field of POS marketing, we not only stay engaged with people involved in the project, but also work as a team in close and personal cooperation with our customers. Currently, the focus is no longer on finding the answer to the question: „Who is our customer?“, in fact the supplementary question „Where is our customer?“ becomes increasingly important. The retail landscape is fragmented, the shopping possibilities are almost limitless and with just a few clicks, the door to a gigantic global shopping centre is open to everyone – 24/7, 365 days a year.

„In reality, we know nothing; for the truth lies in the depths.“

Many teams try to gain insights from their data, but sometimes this attempt has rather powerless traits, which resembles the desperate search for orientation caused by complexity. According to the motto: „We use the statistics like a drunk uses a lamppost above all as a support“, the simple search for a foothold in the unmanageable data jungle often seems to outweigh the illumination of the facts and their deep understanding. However, the context always needs to be integrated into the evaluation, otherwise your argument sometimes fades quickly when a discussion arises. Basically, we all have to learn to deal with all the data and information and say goodbye to the current state of „over-newsed, but not informed“ in order to generate sensible conclusions. What use is the sheer existence of „information“ without the resulting gain in knowledge? In other words, the most beautiful sports car in the garage is useless if you don’t know how to drive it.

Back to the |bap|. One of the things we committed ourselves, as a result of this situation, to put people in the spotlight instead of only focussing on data as the non-plus ultra for strategy or decision making. Our passion is called relationship marketing and will remain as the maxim of our future activities, whether at the POS or at events and trade fairs.

„You can’t think when you’re in a hurry“

Sounds trivial? To quote the legendary hit of the German rap group „Fettes Brot“ from the nineties: “Jein”. Time is what we need to think well. It’s not just about doing things right, it’s about doing the right things and optimally doing these right things well.

In order to guarantee this for the |bap| team as well, we spent a few days in Dalmatia back in April, exchanging ideas intensively and initiating projects that require more attention but bring us forward in the long term. Here you can find some pictures.

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Always remember: It comes differently when you think!

Your Nancy Graf

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